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One of Maine’s great qualities is its diversity in general and certainly in camping opportunities. (There are over 185 campgrounds listed in the Maine Camping Guide – and all vary.) Because of this great diversity, it is advisable that you take some time to plan your vacation and campground choices.

Camping to some is a tent, and to others a motorhome with all the modern conveniences of home – often requiring special facilities and hook-ups. Many camping families fall somewhere in between the two. There are campgrounds that offer what you need and desire. These vary from tiny, remote spots, to moderate sized campgrounds, to large resorts offering everything imaginable.

Campgrounds also vary widely in location and accessibility. This is significant because of trip-planning in general, along with accessibility of things you want to see and do. Consider what the campground offers and what the area offers. And finally, what facilities are offered to accommodate specific camping equipment. Campgrounds are as varied as campers.

It is suggested that you are as thoughtful about your campground selection(s) as you are about your travel destinations. What expectations do you have for a campground? Do you want to be able to stay at the campground a lot – and perhaps either enjoy its amenities or have your family enjoy its recreational offerings – or are you looking more for day-trips, sightseeing, and area attractions? Does the campground host your equipment well? (Tenting, hook-ups, motorhome length and width – special hook-ups.)

As you consider your vacation plans, utilize the information provided in the Regional Grids of the GUIDE along with the display ads. Additional information is available for many campgrounds online at www.campmaine.com/ which is the Maine Camping Guide web site. Many campgrounds have brochures and their own websites.

Reservations also need to be considered. Typically peak season includes July into the middle of August. Some regions vary somewhat. Reservations are generally recommended during peak season and for holiday weekends – especially for the more popular vacation destinations.

Season variances are also evident statewide. Again, typically July and through mid-August are most popular vacation times. Camping season dates in Maine generally fall between the beginning of May to the end of October, varying by campground. (See Regional Grids for specific dates.) Campgrounds generally offer reduced early and late season rates, although some services and recreational features may not be offered during those periods.

Another consideration is the availability of seasonal offerings in specific areas. If planning to travel in early or late season, it is recommended you inquire about your specific destination area. Many areas have lots to offer in the spring and/or fall when these communities are alive with activity. A few areas gear very heavily toward Memorial Day to Labor Day only.

Many visitors enjoy coming to Maine in the spring and fall when the state is less crowded. These are great times to enjoy the bustling new excitement of the season, and in the fall to view the foliage and visit the fairs. Some campgrounds do stay open all year enabling guests to enjoy sporting, sight-seeing, shopping and other activities.

All in all, “diversity” is the operative word. Between types of camping equipment and experiences, destinations, and seasonal offerings – Maine has it all!

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